St Paul's Governors

The Governors are responsible for the conduct of the school, and promote high standards of educational achievement. We do not manage the school on a day to day basis but we provide the framework in which the Headteacher and the staff operate. We act as a critical friend to the school and staff.

As the responsible body we are tasked with:

  • Providing a strategic view
  • Agreeing a policy framework
  • Appointing the Headteacher
  • Agreeing the school improvement strategy
  • Setting statutory targets
  • Agreeing budgets and staffing structures
  • Monitoring and evaluating the work of the school
  • Signing off the self evaluation process
  • Responding to Ofsted reports

In order to do this, governors need to gain knowledge of how their school operates through training, by attending meetings, and school visits.  You can view the Governors' record of attendance at meetings by clicking on the link to the right (Please note that attendance data is recorded against Full Governing Board and Committee meetings only as required by the DFE. Governors may attend school on other matters throughout the year).

The Governing Body is limited in number and is made up of Staff Governors and Parent Governors who are elected, Foundation Governors who are all appointed by the Diocese and Local Authority Governors who are appointed by the LA.

We are often looking for new Governors who have a keen interest in developing the school. If you have relevant professional experience or a desire to learn new skills in order to contribute fully to the work of the Governing Body we want to hear from you.  

If you would like to contact the Governors please write to the Chair of Governors via the school or email

Foundation Governor Vacancies:

St Paul’s Catholic School, Leadenhall is seeking to recruit Foundation Governors to support the strategic direction of the School. We encourage individuals who are keen on supporting an excellent Catholic education to please get in touch. For further enquiries please contact Paul Herbert (Chair of Governors) or Tola Adesina (Vice-Chair of Governors).  


Paul Herbert

Paul Herbert

Chair of Governors and Foundation Governor

Attendance 2017/18 100%.                          For a biography click here.                            Committees: Resources and Personnel,                                         Headteacher's Performance Management                                     (Chair).                                                                                           Appointed 24/04/15. Term of Office ending                                     23/04/19.                        

 Christopher SaylesChristopher Sayles

  Foundation Governor, Governor with          responsibility for Mental Health

  Attendance 2017/18 75%.                              For a biography click here.                            Committees:  Curriculum and Teaching,                                        Admissions and Safeguarding (Chair).                                            Appointed 01/09/17.  Term of Office ending                                    31/08/21.    

 Phil ColdicottPhil Coldicott

  Staff Governor, Communications                Governor                        

  Attendance 2017/18 95%.                            For a biography click here.                            Committees:  Curriculum and Teaching,                                        Admissions and Safeguarding.                                                        Appointed 01/10/14. Term of Office                                                ending 30/09/22.  

Charles Omole  Charles Omole

    Parent Governor, Governor with                  responsibility for the Most Able

    Attendance 2017/18 62%.                              For a biography click here.                            Committees: Resources and Personnel,                                         Pay Review.                                                                                     Appointed 07/11/13.  Term of Office                                               ending 06/11/21.  

Tola AdesinaTola Adesina

Vice Chair of Governors and Foundation Governor, Governor with responsibility  for child protection

 Attendance 2017/18 54%.                           For a biography click here.                                                             Committees: Curriculum and Teaching, Pay                                    Review.                                                                                            Appointed 01/10/17. Term of Office ending                                    30/09/21.


Fr Francis HigginsFr Francis Higgins

Foundation Governor

Committees: Resources and Personnel,        Admissions and Safeguarding.                      Appointed 01/02/19. Term of Office ending    31/01/23.  

Anna FearnAnna Fearn

Parent Governor, Governor with responsibility for SEND & Pupil Premium

Attendance 2017/18 67%.                          For a biography click here.          Committees: Curriculum and Teaching,                                           Headteacher's Performance                                                           Management.                                                                                 Appointed 21/06/16. Term of Office ending                                     26/06/20.  


Rob BaxterRob Baxter

Foundation Governor

Attendance 2017/18 88%.                              For a biography click here.                            Committees: Resources and Personnel (Chair), Pay Review (Chair).                                                           Appointed 17/03/16. Term of Office ending                                     28/02/21. 

Catherine Healey

Parent Governor

 Attendance 2017/18 100%.                                                            Committees: Curriculum and Teaching, Pay Review.                      Appointed 13/06/18. Term of Office ending                                    13/06/22.  

Sylvester MathiasSylvester Mathias

Foundation Governor

Attendance 2017/18 100%.                        For a biography click here.      Committees: Resources and Personnel,                                        Headteacher's Performance                                                            Management.                                                                                  Appointed 22/08/17. Term of Office                                                ending 09/12/22.  



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