"'The glory of God is each person fully alive.'  The curriculum at St Paul's should encourage excellence and achievement by all pupils through the breadth of opportunity available, the quality of teaching and learning in the classroom and the motivation that comes from good relationships between staff and pupils."

(A Vision for St Paul's)

Curriculum Intent and Implementation

The Curriculum at St. Paul’s is a framework for setting out the aims of the programme of education, including the knowledge and understanding to be gained at each stage. We will translate that framework over time into a structure and narrative, within our school context. We are committed to evaluating what knowledge and understanding pupils have gained against both internal and external expectations.

At St. Paul’s we recognise that God has called us to respect the dignity of each unique individual. We believe that education is a truly holistic process concerned with the development of the whole child. We believe that every child is capable of academic excellence. We aim to provide a wide range of experiences so that each individual is able to flourish and achieve their full potential. We aim to set high standards and we will demand the very best from the children in our care.

The curriculum at St. Paul’s is designed to reflect the aims of the school’s mission statement. The curriculum provides a holistic education in which we enable children to develop their personal gifts and talents, their spiritual, social, moral and emotional understanding of the world, as well as their academic knowledge and skills. This is achieved by designing a broad and balanced curriculum which is responsive to, and supportive of their needs and aspirations, fosters intellectual curiosity and academic achievement, and motivates them to grow to their full potential.

You can read our full statement of Curriculum Intent & Implementation here.

Details of how we fulfil the Religious Education requirements at St Paul's can be found in the curriculum policy below.

Curriculum Policy and Further Information

You can see our curriculum policy here. More information about the curriculum can be found in our prospectus here.  You can see a list of courses available at St Paul's here.

The Learning Talents and The Gifts We Grow

We build chances for pupils to achieve the highest academic standards, ensuring they are well known as individuals and their unique personality, talents and gifts are nurtured and developed to the full.  We use the frameworks of 'The Learning Talents' and 'The Gifts We Grow' to support us in this, find out more here

Independent Learning

You will find the independent learning timetable for Years 7 - 11 here. There is some information on Study Skills for Success on this link. You can find an Independent Learning Toolkit here. Independent Learning is set through itslearning and visible on the calendar which is accessible through the app on a device, or a web Browser on a desktop or laptop computer. Parents are encouraged to log into itslearning with their children regularly to view the Independent Learning tasks which have been set. 

Work Experience

In January Year 10 students undertake Work Experience, You can find out more here

Good Writing

Our literacy team has developed some information about the features of 'good writing'.  You can read this here.  You can also see an example of good writing here.  You can find information about what you need to do to help you make progress across subjects here.


Read our 10 ways to engage your child in reading here.

Find out why reading is important here.

KS3 Booklets:

Year 7 Pentecost Term 2024

Year 8 Pentecost Term 2024

Year 9 Pentecost Term 2024

Year 9 Options Subjects Booklet 2024-25


Year 10 and 11 curriculum booklet

Useful revision websites

Useful revision websites for English

Progress Check Explanatory Notes:

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