Year 7-11 Curriculum

Our KS3 and KS4 curriculum is broad and balanced, enabling high levels of achievement and contributing to the spiritual and moral development of all students.

You can see our curriculum policy here. More information about the curriculum can be found in our prospectus here.

You can see a list of courses available at St Paul's here.

We build chances for pupils to achieve the highest academic standards, ensuring they are well known as individuals and their unique personality, talents and gifts are nurtured and developed to the full.  We use the frameworks of ‘The Learning Talents’ and ‘The Gifts We Grow’ to support us in this.

For information about what your children are studying and explanatory notes about progress checks please click on the links below.  You will find independent learning timetables for Years 7 - 11 here. You can find an Independent Learning Toolkit here. Independent Learning is set through itslearning and visible on the calendar which is accessible through the app on a device, or a web Browser on a desktop or laptop computer. Parents are encouraged to log into itslearning with their children regularly to view the Independent Learning tasks which have been set. 

Good Writing

Our literacy team has developed some information about the features of 'good writing'.  You can read this here.  You can also see an example of good writing here.  You can find information about what you need to do to help you make progress across subjects here.

Work Experience

In Year 10 pupils undertake work experience - to find out more information please click here.

KS3 Booklets:

Year 7 Advent Term 2019

Year 8 Advent Term 2019

Year 9 Advent Term 2019

Year 8 Expressive Art options for study in 2019/20


Useful revision websites

Progress Check Explanatory Notes:

Year 7 to 11

Info for parents:

Milton Keynes Council has some useful advice for parents of children aged up to 15 on 'Getting the homework habit'.  Find out more here.






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