School uniform is ordered directly from our official supplier, SWI Schoolwear.  You can order from their website (you will need to register with SWI to use the online service) ,  by telephone  0845 519 00 99  or by post. View a catalogue here.  You can see an order form and price list here. You can choose from home delivery (at a small cost) or a free delivery to school during term time. We have limited quantities of old uniform stock available at special prices.  You can see the list herePlease note that the last day to order uniform for a home delivery is Monday 5th August. School uniform orders can be collected from the school office between 9.00am-2pm between 22nd to 25th July and between 9.00am-2pm on 15th/16th August and 22nd/23rd August.   

Girls' Uniform (compulsory):

Boys' Uniform (compulsory):

Ziggy Blazer with logo & Trim* - purple/gold Ziggy Blazer with logo & Trim* - purple/gold 
School tie (purple with thin gold stripe)* School tie (purple with thin gold stripe)*
Plain black knee length skirt, or loose tailored black full length trousers Black school trousers
White long or short sleeved school shirt (suitable to wear with a tie) White long or short sleeved school shirt (suitable to wear with a tie)
Plain/dark socks, plain/natural colour tights Plain/dark socks
Plain black shoes (non canvas) Plain black shoes (non canvas)

Optional (boys and girls) - 'V' necked plain knit jumper in 'school purple'*

Please note that skirts should be either straight, pleated or A-line.  Bodycon, tube skirts or any skirt made out of stretch fabric material are not permitted.  Trousers should have no exposed zips or buttons.  No jeans, cargo style trousers, jeggings or leggings.

* Starred items should be purchased from SWI Schoolwear

PE Kit

You can find a list of PE kit here.

Other Essential School Equipment and Stationery Price List

You can find a list of essential school equipment here. Some stationery items can be purchased from the student window.  You can find a price list here.


No jewellery, except a wristwatch, may be worn by any pupil in Years 7 - 11. There are no exceptions to this including jewellery in recently pierced ears.  Pupils are advised to have ears pierced at the beginning of a holiday so that they can remove piercings/jewellery prior to returning to school.  No visible facial, nose or tongue studs or body piercings are allowed.

Make Up

Whilst the school wishes to acknowledge the growing maturity of pupils, where it is deemed that a pupil is wearing excessive make-up, the pupil will be asked to remove it.  What constitutes excessive make-up is entirely at the discretion of the school. Gel nails or any other form of nail extensions are not permitted.  Coloured nail varnish should not be worn in school.


Pupils are asked to avoid extremes of fashion either in style or colour.  Where it is deemed that style or colour is unacceptable pupils will be asked to make a more appropriate change.  Hair extensions and braiding must be of a natural colour.  Again this is entirely at the discretion of the school.  Pupils should not bring in any type of comb that has protruding metal teeth or points.

Baseball Caps

Baseball caps or any other form of headwear that obscures a pupil's face should not be worn around school.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are permitted in school, at the owner's risk, but they must be switched off and in bags at all times.  The school accepts NO responsibility for the loss of mobile phones under any circumstances.







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