School uniform is ordered directly from our official supplier, SWI Schoolwear.  You can order from their website (you will need to register with SWI to use the online service - there is a parent user guide here),  by telephone  01928 752610  or by post. View a catalogue here.  You can see a welcome pack from SWI here. You can choose from home delivery (at a small cost) or a free delivery to school during term time. 

SWI will deliver to your home address free of charge if your order is over £70.

Please remember that the school Reception keeps a range of nearly-new uniform items that can be purchased at a greatly reduced cost. We always welcome donations of good quality, nearly-new items of school uniform to boost our supplies!

You can see information about uniform expectations, with diagrams here. You can read our school uniform policy here.

Our School Uniform

  • Ziggy Blazer with school badge and trim (purple/gold)**
  • St Paul's school tie (purple with thin gold stripe)*
  • Plain black knee length skirt or loose tailored black full length trousers
  • Plain black tailored shorts (from Price and Buckland) (optional)
  • White long or short sleeved school shirt suitable to wear with a tie
  • Plain dark socks, plain black or natural colour tights
  • Plain shoes in black (non-canvas) (trainers are not acceptable)
  • V necked plain knit school jumper in 'school purple' (optional)*

Please note that skirts should be either straight, pleated or A-line.  Bodycon, tube skirts or any skirt made out of stretch fabric material are not permitted.  Trousers should have no exposed zips or buttons.  No jeans, cargo style trousers, jeggings or leggings.

PE Kit - Compulsory

  • Aptus polo shirt with school badge (black/gold)*
  • Aptus 1/4 zip training top with school badge (black/gold)* OR Select black hooded sweat top with school badge* OR Multisports top with school badge (black/gold)*
  • Plain black training shorts or plain black training pants/leggings*
  • Plain black sport socks with turnover*
  • A pair of trainers
  • A pair of football boots

* Starred items are available from SWI (Banner Group). For ease of purchase, compulsory items can be ordered via their website www.swischoolwear.co.uk.  

The PE Department expectations are that all pupils have a St. Paul’s branded t-shirt and outer layer top. Parents are encouraged to select one outer layer from the options in the compulsory section. Please note that due to health and safety, pupils will not be able to wear the black hooded sweat top for contact rugby.

Nearly New Blazers

Nearly new blazers that have been pre-worn and are of a good, re-saleable quality can be brought to Reception for resale.  Each blazer will be sold at £15.00.  Once sold, the parent will receive £13.00 and £2.00 will be added to PTA funds.  If your blazer is not sold within one year, you can decide whether the blazer is returned to you or donated to the school for pastoral use. Please note that if Reception staff regard the blazer not to be of re-saleable quality, they will be unable to sell the blazer on your behalf.  We hope that this will be a valued provision to parents as well as a mechanism to add to PTA funds on behalf of the school.

We also have limited quantities of nearly new uniform available at special prices.  You can see the list here

Other Essential School Equipment and Stationery Price List

You can find a list of essential school equipment here. Some stationery items can be purchased from the student window.  You can find a price list here.


School lanyards are to be worn at all times (including non-school uniform days). Lanyards grant pupils access to P block and are to be used to purchase food from both the canteens and food huts. Each year group has its own colour coded lanyard for identification.


No jewellery may be worn by any pupil in Years 7 - 11. There are no exceptions to this including studs or any other form of object intended to keep a hole open in recently pierced ears.  Pupils are advised to have their ears pierced at the beginning of a summer break so that this does not become an issue.  No visible facial, nose and tongue studs or body piercings are permitted.

Make Up

Whilst the school wishes to acknowledge the growing maturity of pupils, where it is regarded that a pupil is wearing excessive make-up, the pupil will be asked to remove it.  What constitutes excessive make-up is entirely at the discretion of the school.

Nail Varnish and Gel Nails

Gel nails, acrylic nails or any other form of nail extensions are not suitable for school.  Coloured nail varnish should also not be worn.


Pupils are asked to avoid extremes of fashion in either style or colour.  Where this is deemed to be the case then pupils will be expected to make a more appropriate change. Hair extensions and braiding must be of a natural hair colour. Bright conspicuous colours are not acceptable. Thin plain hairbands or plain headscarves of a dark colour may be worn.  Pupils should not bring onto site any type of comb that has protruding metal teeth or points.

The Halo Code 

Our school champions the right of staff and students to embrace all Afro-hairstyles. We acknowledge that Afro-textured hair is an important part of our Black staff and students’ racial, ethnic, cultural, and religious identities, and requires specific styling for hair health and maintenance.

We welcome Afro-textured hair worn in all styles including, but not limited to, afros, locs, twists, braids, cornrows, fades, hair straightened through the application of heat or chemicals, weaves, wigs, headscarves, and wraps.

At this school, we recognise and celebrate our staff and students’ identities. We are a community built on an ethos of equality and respect where hair texture and style have no bearing on anyone’s ability to succeed.

Outdoor Clothing

Hoodies, sports jackets or tracksuit tops are not acceptable for school and only formal outdoor coats should be worn over blazers. Under no circumstances should a pupil be wearing a hoodie under their blazer. Where pupils choose to wear any form of headwear, this should be a plain dark colour and complement the colours of the school uniform. That decision as to whether any item complements school uniform in style or colour is again entirely at the discretion of the school. All headwear will need to be removed when a pupil is indoors unless that pupil is wearing it for religious observation or for specific medical reasons. Where pupils wear any form of headwear that obscures their face, they will be asked to remove it unless it is worn for religious observation. Belts should be plain and not have large buckles.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are permitted in school, at the owner's risk, but they must be switched off and in bags at all times.  The school accepts NO responsibility for the loss of mobile phones under any circumstances.

Prohibited Items

Prohibited items include mentholated balms (Vicks type balms), vapes and toy/replica weapons. Aerosol cans of any description should not be brought onto school site and will be confiscated if found. Pupils need to be aware of the health and safety issues involved in using these in environments where others may have respiratory conditions. We also ask that pupils do not bring a Maths compass into school as these will be supplied in lessons. Pupils should not bring any form of energy drink into school unless this is in agreement with the school nurse. 

Non-uniform Day Clothing

We have a number of non-uniform days throughout the year in order to raise money for charity. Pupils have the opportunity to wear their own clothes and while it is expected that dress would be more casual, pupils need to remember that their clothing should still be suitable for a place of work and study as they will be expected to follow their normal timetable for that day. The normal school rule on jewellery still applies on a non-uniform day.







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