Transport to St Paul's

A number of public service routes run along the grid roads close to St Paul's.  These serve most of the areas to the south, north and east of Milton Keynes.  Pupils can purchase an All In 1 MK Card, a scheme for transport for young people in Milton Keynes, and application forms are available from the School office.  Milton Keynes Council charges £5 to purchase the All in 1 MK card (this fee also applies to children who are renewing their cards at 12 and 16). 

There are seven dedicated school bus routes that bring pupils to the school car park in the morning and leave from there each evening.  Please click on the right of this page for timetables. These routes are organised by Milton Keynes Council and serve all areas of the city. For more information on the All in 1 MK card click here. Through purchasing tickets on the bus with a valid All in 1 MK card bus users can make some excellent savings.  A weekly pass costs £11.00, a four weekly pass costs £36 and a single journey costs £1.20. A day return ticket is available at £2.20.  

Important Messages About Buses:

In the afternoon only you will need to board the duplicate 603/604 bus if you wish to get off at Manor Road

Please note that in the afternoon only the 603 double decker bus will NOT stop at Manor Road and will instead go direct to Lakes Estate and Newton Leys. If you need to disembark at Manor Road please ensure you get on the 603/604 duplicate bus which will go via Whaddon Way, Buckingham Road, Bletchley Bus Station, Fenny Stratford Aylesbury Street and Manor Road. We have requested updated timetables from Z & S and will update these as soon as they are available.

Z & S Contactless payment/Smartcards

Z&S have contactless payment systems on all of their services enabling pupils to pay using debit cards or a Z & S smartcard. The cards are availabl via the Z & S school portal. Please note that cash is not accepted on buses so it is important that you register to receive your smartcard as soon as possible. You can find a link to the Z & S school portal here.

We have produced a Q & A to help answer any questions you might have. You can find this here. Z & S have produced a further Q & A in response to specific queries. You can find this here.

Additional Arriva service calling at Chaffron Way

Arriva's number 1 service calls at Chaffron Way for St Paul's School at times to meet the start and end of the school day. You can see a timetable on the right of this page.

602 bus service has ceased operation

The 602 service, operated by Z & S is no longer in operation.  This decision is unfortunately out of our control as a public bus service.  We have reviewed the route this bus currently takes and believe that the Number 3 public bus service route, operated by Arriva, offers a schedule which stops at Winterhill in time for the start of school and after school each day.  We have spoken with some students who have advised us that they already use this route to travel to and from school.  We are trying to arrange for this service to be diverted so that it comes via our school car park but we haven’t had confirmation of this yet. 

MK Connect Service:

The MK Connect service covers all of Milton Keynes. MK Connect is a bookable shared ride service. All in 1 MK cards are valid on the service for a £1 single journey fare.  For information about the MK Connect service see or email or call 01908 252526. 

Safety on buses

Z & S are sending larger capacity buses for some routes. Where these are not available and the bus becomes full, it will return to site for a second trip. This will inevitably take longer for children to get home but safety is paramount. There will be no standing on any of the buses.  

City special bus

Z & S provide a City Special bus for the afternoon journey home. The bus travels between St Paul's and MK City Centre. If your child only needs to get as far as the City Centre this is the best bus for them to get.

All In 1 MK Cards 

If your child travels to school by bus they must show a valid All In 1 MK Card to the driver to get concessionary fares.  Bus companies strictly enforce this rule so it is very important that your child has their card when they travel. 

If you are applying for a card for the first time you can get your application form from School reception.  Please note that Milton Keynes Council has introduced a £5 fee for the card.  

If your child loses or damages their card they must contact Milton Keynes Council on 01908 252558 to get it replaced.  There is a charge of £10 for replacement cards and the Council will advise you what you should do until your replacement arrives.

Free Home to School Transport

In certain circumstances Milton Keynes Council has a duty to provide free home to school transport.  To find out if you are eligible please visit their website, call them on 01908 252526, or email them here

Useful Contact Numbers

If you have any concerns or complaints regarding the school transport please contact Milton Keynes Council's Passenger Transport Department on 01908 252542.

If you wish to contact Z & S direct their number is 01296 415468 or you can email them here.

If you wish to contact Arriva direct their number is 0344 800 44 11 or you can contact them here.


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