Parents' Information Evenings

At these evenings we share information with parents about pupils' learning, examination preparation and courses offered.

All information evenings usually commence at 6pm or 7pm, you can find the specific dates and times of parent information evenings on the school calendar.  Please click on  the link below to go straight to the calendar.

Please click on the relevant event to access PowerPoints and handouts related to the evening.

Year Group Date Handouts/PowerPoints
Year 12 17/06/21

Link to Year 12 Parent Evening PowerPoint

Years 11, 12, 13 22/04.21

Link to PowerPoint on Maths Teacher Assessed Grades evidence information for pupils

Year 11 17/03/21

Link to Year 11 Parent Information Evening Video

Year 13 25/02/21

Link to Year 13 Parent Evening PowerPoint

Year 11 11/03/2021

Parents Information Evening Year 11 Voiceover

Year 10 January 2021

Link to Year 10 Parent Evening Video

Year 9 12/01/21

Link to Year 9 Parent Evening Video

Year 8 12/11/20

Link to Year 8 Parent Evening Video

Year 11 15/10/20

Link to Year 11 Most Able Presentation by Mrs Best

Year 10 15/10/20

Link to Year 10 Parent Evening Video

Year 11 01/10/20

Link to Year 11 Parent Evening Video

Year 11 key dates

Year 7 17/09/20

Link to Year 7 Parent Evening Video

Year 7 Handout

Year 12 15/09/20

Year 12 Parent Information Evening PowerPoint

Year 13 16/09/20

UCAS and Person Statements Parent Information Evening

Year 13 September 2020

Year 13 Parent Eve PowerPoint (with audio)









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