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Learning About The Genocide In Bosnia

Students and guests at the Bosnian genocide remembrance

We welcomed two special guests to St Paul's - Councillor Marie Bradburn, the Mayor of Milton Keynes and Paul Salver, a retired teacher and a passionate advocate for human rights.

Mr. Salver came in to speak to our student council and student leaders about the annual commemoration of the Bosnian War genocide.  His talk included a discussion of his recent trip to Bosnia and personal experiences with survivors. Through his presentation, students learned about the siege of Sarajevo and the Srebrenica genocide. The theme behind the event was to underline the importance of standing up against those who try to divide us and to unify against hatred, discrimination, harassment, and prejudice.

Mayor Bradburn, who was visibly moved by Mr Salver's presentation, spoke to students about how they can help spread  tolerance, kindness and understanding across the many diverse communities in Milton Keynes

At the end of the session, students hung a promise on the ‘Tree of Hope’ that they intend to keep in order to make the world a better place.  The session was excellent and empowered our students to understand the importance of interconnections and in building a safer, stronger, and more cohesive society for all.  Students were very moved by the presentation and want to discuss further actions to do more.  We thank Mr Salver and the Mayor for visiting us today and inspiring our students to hope for a better tomorrow.  

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