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Teacher's Success In MK Inspiration Awards

Ms Markatos with Sixth Form students

We're thrilled that our very own Ms Markatos has been honoured as the 2024 ‘Most Inspiring Teacher’ in the Milton Keynes Inspiration Awards. 

Ms Markatos was nominated for the award by her students who wanted to recognise all the hard work she does both as a Politics teacher and through Student Leaders and Student Council in the local community.  At school she has planned trips to Parliament, worked with the local MPs for the Debate Competitions, and brought members of the House of Lords to the classroom to inspire the students.  With the Student Leaders and Student Council, she has done numerous fundraisers and donation drives to help the local community including MK Hospital, MK Act, and MK  Storehouse.  Additionally, Ms Markatos has organised opportunities for her students to engage with pupils in other countries including Greece and the USA to forge international relationships. 

Once she was listed as a finalist, students had to post videos to the committee explaining why she deserved the award.  Her A level Politics students and Student Leaders happily made the submissions even earlier than the deadline requested! Ms Markatos said: "I'm very honoured and humbled by the award and hope to keep serving St Paul's and the community with the school’s motto to ‘Love, Serve, and to Do the Best that is possible' at all times." 

We thank the MK Inspiration Awards for recognising Ms Markatos' hard work and, of course, everyone that took the time to vote for her!    

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