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Spring Clean Out Donations Delivered To MK Storehouse

Students with donations for MK Storehouse

Our students visited local charity MK Storehouse in Stacey Bushes to drop off bags of clothing collected in our Great Spring Clean Out. We needed lots of students to help carry all of the bags. Rachel from MK Storehouse explained how our donations  will have a positive impact on the local community. She told them how clothing donations can help anyone from people who are in trouble to refugees that are invited to come and see which items can suit them. Students were very pleased to see the difference that the donations would make.

It was a lovely surprise to see that MK Storehouse had put together their own donation for our prom dress appeal. Our students saw first hand how one ripple can create many! Thank you to everyone who sent in donations to our Great Spring Clean Out and well done to our Student Council and Student Leaders for this initiative.

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