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Joanna Shares Political Insights With Year 12

Joanna with Year 12 students

Former student, Joanna Wnekowicz came to speak to the A level Politics students about her experiences at Swansea University where she is in her second year of pursuing a degree in American Studies and International Relations.  In her talk with the students, Joanna stressed how the education and guidance she received from her Politics teachers has allowed her to become successful at university.  She encouraged the students to follow their passions when they are choosing courses at university and to do their due diligence in seeking out the best path forward.  Joanna stressed that to be a student of international relations meant thinking critically about problems from everyone’s perspective and all angles.  She encouraged the students to follow politicians and pressure groups on social media to become real scholars of their subject. 

Joanna also spoke to the students about the many opportunities she has had through her studies including taking trips to America and being President of the American Society at her university.  Joanna is hoping to become a diplomat in the future or maybe even a teacher after that.  We are very grateful that she has come back to take questions from the students and let them know about her wonderful experiences.  She was kind enough to allow the students to contact her with any questions that they may have in the future.  We wish her the best of luck and hope that she keeps coming back to update us on her success. 

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