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Politics Students Meet Online To Plan Virtual UN Conference

UN Meet and greet

Our Year 12 Politics students worked virtually with students in the United States at Argo High School near Chicago, Illinois. All students made the extra effort as with Chicago being six hours behind the UK, our students had to work over their lunch and the American students had to come into school early.  This shows the dedication and commitment that the students have to making this lovely event a success. 

They started with a quick meet and greet to introduce themselves and then began planning and discussing the Model United Nations Event they are undertaking together online in December. At the Virtual Model UN conference, students will individually write position papers and perform opening speeches from the perspective of their chosen countries. They will then break out into small groups in moderated and unmoderated caucuses to negotiate and write resolutions on current Migrant Smuggling and Human Trafficking concerns. Student feedback after the event was really positive on both sides of the Atlantic and the students are very excited to have this opportunity to work together. 

Both classes are quite lucky as the teachers who organised this event are siblings who both teach History and Politics to upper school students. We wish them luck at their historic transatlantic Model UN summit next month.   

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