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St Paul's Is The Runner Up In MK Schools Debating Competition

Students with MK local MPs

Our Year 13 Politics students Joanna and Jonathan qualified for the finals of the MK Schools' Debating Competition which was held in the Houses of Parliament Committee Room in front of their families, friends, and teachers on 21st April 2022.  St Paul's competed against Oakgrove School and the students debated the question of whether it was appropriate for the UK to send troops to Ukraine or carry on with sanctions.  St Paul's was asked to argue in favour of sending troops.  After a spirited and well researched debated concluded, St Paul's was declared the runner up.  The students then took pictures with each other and both Milton Keynes MPs (Ben Everitt and Iain Stewart).  As a treat, all attendees were then taken on a two hour private tour of the Palace of Westminster.  They were able to visit the House of Lords, the House of Commons, Westminster Hall, and the No Lobby.  The tour was led by Iain Stewart MP who narrated the whole way through.  Ms Markatos and Mr Woodward are so very proud of our students for the amazing way that they debated and conducted themselves.  They are a credit to our school and their parents.  We hope to carry on with the debate contest and win the plaque back for our school next year. Congratulations to Oakgrove for winning this year's competition.

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