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Exciting Opportunity To Join MK Youth Cabinet:

MK Youth Cabinet

What is MK Youth Cabinet (YCAB)?

- A group of 11-18 year olds, giving a voice to all young people in MK

- The group talks to decision makers

- It aims to improve MK as a place to live for young people

- Contributes to improving services for young people in MK

Why join MK Youth Cabinet (YCAB)?

- You can make a difference to Milton Keynes,

- Learn new skills,

- Be part of the decision-making process,

- Meet MPs and important decision makers in Milton Keynes to have your input!

- Shape the development of Milton Keynes,

- Make new friends,

- Have fun!

This is an excellent opportunity whether you just want to socialise more and do something meaningful with your time, or if you want to add to your CV, Personal Statement or experience. This is particularly aimed at people who are interested in politics and initiating change within a community.

If you're fed up of MK not representing its youth, or failing to take part in important initiatives, then THIS IS FOR YOU.

There are limited spaces this year for people aged 11-18, so make sure you make an impact in your application.

To apply, go to:

Applications must be submitted by 24th February.

If you want more information please see Ms Roach in the English Department, or message her on ItsLearning (Elysia Roach).


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