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Bishop David Explores Questions Of Faith

Bishop David talking to students

We were delighted to welcome Bishop David Oakley to the School Chapel to meet with students from Years 13, 8 and 9.

The Bishop invited questions from students and encouraged them to ask him about whatever they liked. Anne Hoskins, Senior Chaplaincy and Pastoral Assistant, said: “Our students asked some excellent questions ranging from what particular quality was most important for the role of Bishop to what reassurance the Bishop could give that there was life after death. It was wonderful to see how enquiring our students are about all aspects of their faith.”

Father Brendan Seery, Chancellor for the Diocese of Northampton, also joined us. The diocesan chancellor provides information and advice to the Bishop and other curial staff on the effects of canon law in pastoral practices. He shares, through delegation from the Bishop the responsibility in dealing with applications for dispensations and permissions, and the administration of the sacraments.

Fr Seery helped answer questions about the number of Bishops around the world (around 5000) and the youngest age you can be to become a Bishop (35).

We thank Bishop David and Fr Brendan for spending such an interesting afternoon with our students.

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