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Diego Tackles Procrastination For EPQ Project

Diego outside St Paul's Catholic School

Diego Jaumandreu was determined to stop dragging his feet when it came to getting on with both school and personal tasks and used his desire to destroy the procrastinator within himself as the inspiration for his EPQ project.

The Year 13 student established his own YouTube channel for his project ‘Beating Procrastination with Diego Jaumandreu’ and has populated it with videos including how to get out of a rut, how to remember what you study and how to develop mindsets to beat procrastination, as well as tutorials on productivity and organisational apps such as Todoist and Time Tune.

Diego explains: “My channel aims to share my passion for self-development and I wanted to try different productivity techniques and learn concepts such as ‘you can be happy in any situation’.”

He admits that during his GCSEs his procrastination meant that he only started revising three months before his exams. Although he achieved good GCSE grades he was determined not to let this happen again.

He is doing A-Levels in Computer Science, Economics, Maths and Spanish and saw his EPQ as the perfect opportunity to research how to tackle procrastination, develop his thinking to help him choose the right career path and, through his YouTube channel, bring value and make an impact on people’s lives.

Diego has applied for IT apprenticeships with IBM, Deloitte UK and Unilever which will allow him to complete his degree while gaining practical work experience. He eventually hopes to become a software developer, project manager, consultant or IT architect.

His achievement is all the more remarkable as when he joined St Paul’s in 2015, having previously lived in Spain, he spoke very little English. He spent time in the school’s EAL base, which helps students whose first language is not English, and said: “Mrs Reynolds in the EAL base helped me so much – I would be so different without that help. It has been good being at St Paul’s and I will miss the teachers, my friends and everything else but I’m ready for the next phase of my life.

“My EPQ has been great – it has been fun to learn how to record the videos and researching and learning the practical techniques for avoiding procrastination and organising my life has had a huge positive impact on the subjects I’ve been studying.”

You can subscribe to Diego's YouTube channel here.

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