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Climate Change Teacher Team

The Climate Change Teacher Team

Craig Ritson, Geography and Sustainability Teacher at St Paul’s, has assembled a team of staff to spearhead a Climate Change Project in the school. He has enrolled St Paul’s on the eduCCate Global Cohort 2021, which is affiliated with the United Nations. St Paul’s is the only school in Buckinghamshire to be enrolled.

He said: “Our overall aims are to help the St Paul’s community put Climate Change and living a sustainable life at the forefront of everyone’s minds. It’s not just about teaching Climate Change and sustainability in a handful of subjects for a few weeks a year, but encouraging a movement to make Climate Change and sustainable practices the norm in our lives.”

The Climate Change Teacher Team which includes Miss Tiffany Woods, Miss Elysia Roach, Mrs Laura French, Mrs Meghan Martin and Mrs Leah Toledano will undertake five United Nations Climate Change courses by the end of the summer holidays. These are:

1.    Cities and Climate Change

2.    Gender and Environment

3.    Human Heath and Climate Change

4.    Children and Climate Change

5.    Climate Change: for Learning Action

During the project, the team will try to attain a certification/award based on a school eco-passport. Students will get ‘passport stamps’ for actions including undertaking a CO2 e-audit, taking action on LED lightbulbs, reducing our paper usage, undertaking family outreach and engaging the whole school community, reducing food waste and improving our recycling provision. They will drive forward Carbon Footprint Buster challenges and will deliver ‘How to Teach Climate Change’ Inset training for staff.

To share project successes, the Climate Change team is looking at creating a short documentary, podcasts and blogposts. They will also liaise with the Global Cohort of over 100 schools so that they can better integrate Climate Change education into the wider curriculum and the school’s extra-curricular provision.

The EduCCate Global 2021 Cohort has been co-sponsored by Harwood Education and Edunity.

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