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A Poem For Captain Sir Tom

Outside Captain Sir Tom's house

Gemma Grace, Communication Support Worker at St Paul's Catholic School, has written a beautiful poem in tribute to Captain Sir Tom Moore. (pic shows Air Cadet Connor who paid his respects on Remembrance Day at Captain Sir Tom's house in Marston Moretaine.)

A poem for Captain Sir Tom Moore

The world has lost a hero,

A man we had come to adore.

A spirit of purity and bravery,

In the guise of Captain Sir Tom Moore.


It’s only been a short while,

Since we first heard.

Of a legacy about to implode,

A whisper of a word.


That a man was about to show us.

The real meaning of pride.

As he set about his challenge,

Putting his age to one side.


The nation was truly gripped,

By this aged gentleman.

Whose desire to support our NHS,

Was his only plan.


Never did the thought occur,

That there was so much more in store.

That a legend was unfolding

For this courageous Tom Moore.


Serving his country during the war,

Wasn’t enough for him.

His love and compassion shining bright,

A light that would never dim.


Walking those steps in solidarity,

Standing shoulder to shoulder with us.

Never wavering in determination,

Achieved with barely a fuss.


We all watched and waited eagerly,

Just willing him to complete.

The task he had set himself,

His refusal to bow down to defeat.


With a tear or two in our eyes,

We clapped and cheered his name.

For a legend had united the nation,

“Our inspiration” we proclaimed.


Today is a very sad day,

As our hero passed away.

But there is one thought we cling to,

One belief that will never sway.


Captain Sir Tom Moore will never be forgotten,

And his tale will be forever told.

Of a hero who walked the steps,

Into the hearts of young and old.


So for now Sir Tom we salute you,

As you take your final steps.

Through Heaven’s pearly gates,

You were one of the best.


And on that final note we say goodbye,

Our hearts full of love have grown.

And know this, Captain Sir Tom Moore,

You will never walk alone.

By Gemma Grace

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