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A Look At Our Testing Centre

The test centre

Since January over 400 asymptomatic tests have been carried out on students and staff at St Paul’s Catholic School while the school remains open to children of keyworkers, children with an EHCP and vulnerable children. The testing is part of the government’s rapid, regular testing for people without symptoms of coronavirus to help identify more positive cases of COVID-19 and ensure that those who are infected isolate, protecting the wider community and vital services.

The tests take place in two areas of the school that have been set up as designated testing centres. Whilst the tests are self-administered, the whole process is supervised by trained personnel who are there to register subjects, explain the process to them, provide guidance and help where required, finish processing the test and confirm the results. Test subjects also receive text confirmation from NHS Track and Trace.

Jo-Anne Hoarty, Headteacher at St Paul’s Catholic School, said: “We have been extremely rigorous in setting up our test centres so that the staff who work in them and the test subjects can be assured of their safety. Measures include full PPE for testing staff, testing booths, a separate waiting area where people stay until their results are confirmed and, of course, a scrupulous sanitising regime.” The testing process takes between 35 – 45 minutes.

Government figures show that one in three people with COVID-19 have no symptoms so could be spreading the virus without realising. The testing programme helps control the spread of the virus by identifying positive cases who should then isolate at home, helping to reduce transmission in the community.

Michelle Logan, Nurse at St Paul’s Catholic School, said: “It’s a very straightforward and safe process and our trained team is there to give support and guidance to anyone who might initially be nervous about taking a test. I have been pleased and encouraged by the number of both staff and pupils who have taken this offer, and in doing so are showing their support for the combined effort to fight this pandemic. Thank you.”

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