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Catering Team Prepares Hundreds of Food Parcels

Weekly food parcel for one person

Every week during lockdown the Catering Team at St Paul’s Catholic School has been making up hundreds of food parcels containing lunch ingredients for pupils from St Paul’s and other local primary schools whose children are eligible for free school meals.

Kieran Street, Catering Manager at St Paul’s Catholic School, said:  “The boxes contain enough ingredients to make sandwiches, beans or spaghetti on toast or pasta dishes. They also have snack items, fresh fruit and drinks to provide nutritionally balanced lunches for one child for five days.”

A week’s box for one child typically includes one loaf of bread, 250g cheese, 250g pasta, one tin of baked beans, one tin of spaghetti hoops, one tin of tuna, five pieces fresh fruit (oranges, bananas and apples), five drinks, five snacks and five packets of crisps.

Kieran added: “We’ve had some really positive feedback from parents and from other schools we provide too and, of course, we will continually review our offer to ensure that we continue to provide healthy food options. We’re also currently looking at how we might be able to offer a family take away service during this second national lockdown providing healthy and affordable pre-cooked frozen or chilled meals made on site by our team.”

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