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Geographers' Tree Planting Project

Tree planting project

Tree planting is an exciting way for our students to connect with the natural world while also helping the planet to help combat Climate Change. Year 10 Geographers are  studying ecosystems as part of their GCSE course and the focus is currently the destruction of our world's forests.

Geography Teacher Mr Ritson said: “Students wanted to make a difference to their local environment so we decided to try and grow a tree each from seed.”

Mr Ritson collected the conkers and the students planted them. He continued: “Students know trees are a vital part of our world being healthy and so by growing the trees our school grounds will become a better place, as well as encouraging and creating a wildlife sanctuary.”

At St Paul’s we want to develop areas that make a difference to the community in our school but also to the wider community, as green spaces.

The benefits of tree planting include:

Improving physical and mental health
Providing homes and food for wildlife
Cleaning the air we breathe
Absorbing CO2
The tree will become a legacy that future students will enjoy

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