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Student's Poem Urges Young People To Vote

Hands and ballot box

With the General Election coming up on Thursday 12th December one of our Year 12 students, Maureen Onwunali, has been inspired to write a poem for young people about the importance of voting:


This is more than playground politics
Words that can hurt more than any stone or stick
Legislations scarier than any boogeyman hiding under your bed
This is more than any Brexit headline that seems to go over your head

This is your future

This is Ballot box banquets
Because how can you expect a plate full of opportunities
When you don't even have a seat at the table

Or judiciary junctions
That can only function when the youth are given their say
Because heaven only knows without it your road to success will never see the light of day

And soon you'll learn

How a simple Nike tick on some paper can really go a long way

This is your future
So just do it

This is more than party affiliations
More than manifestos and promised vacations
More than gcse grades or minimum wage
Or any social media platform controlling your brain

This is your future

I ask that you grab your two cents from your lunch money so together we can make change

This is our future
So register today


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