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Fearless Workshops For Students

Josh Newman delivers a Fearless Workshop

Students in Year 8 attended workshops aimed to empower young people to make informed decisions about crime.  The ‘Fearless’ workshops were delivered by Josh Newman, Fearless Outreach Worker for Crimestoppers, Thames Valley.

Josh talked to students about topics including county lines or ‘going country’, a name given to a tactic used by drugs gangs who move their drug dealing outside of big cities to smaller towns.  In order to do this they often exploit vulnerable young people, some as young as eight, to help them locally. 

He also talked about knife crime and the dangers of carrying weapons, giving a hard-hitting example of a family member who was sent to prison after stabbing and killing his best friend when some teasing by other friends got out of hand.

Josh explained the importance of reporting crimes as this could potentially save people’s lives.  He mentioned the Fearless website which features a section where crimes can be reported anonymously.

Students were very engaged with Josh’s talk, asked him lots of questions and gave him some very considered answers. 

St Paul’s has an excellent Pastoral Care system with each year group supported by a Pastoral/Chaplaincy Assistant.  Students who are concerned about any issues, including crime, are always welcome to speak to a member of the school’s Pastoral team.

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