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'Pardon?' - HI Students Create New Film

BBC reporter filming HI students

Hearing Impaired (HI) students from St Paul’s Catholic School have joined forces with students from other Milton Keynes schools to create a short film on what it’s really like to live with a hearing impairment.

The 12 minute film called ‘Pardon?’, features students from a dozen mainstream secondary schools in MK. Students, who belong to MK Hearing Impaired Youth, wrote and directed the video which was funded by Milton Keynes Council.

The project came about after a group of HI students realised they were all experiencing the same issues in daily school life.  They wanted to be able to tell everyone in schools – from teachers and support staff to other students, how they could make things easier.  It is hoped that the film will also help other students with a hearing impairment realise that they are not alone.

The film premiered at St Paul’s and BBC Look East also came to the school to interview some of the students about their experiences and create a news report about ‘Pardon?’. If you’d like to watch the film you can find it on Milton Keynes Council’s YouTube channel here.

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