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Horticulture Students Take On Pond Project

Horticulture students at the refurbished pond area

Over the summer holiday our Pastoral Assistant, Mrs Sandy Thomas, and her daughter Grace, a former St Paul’s student, worked hard to refurbish the school pond and surrounding area. 

They clocked up over 60 hours of volunteer time to clean up and carry out repair works to the pond and to tidy up the planting.  Mrs Thomas and Grace also did some new planting, painted the benches and planters and created and installed some new bug hotels.

MrsThomas said:  “We hope we’ve created a tranquil area where wildlife can thrive and we’re excited that our Horticulture students will continue to look after this special area and put some of their own ideas into it.”

Year 9 Horticulturalists were given an introductory talk on the area and the work that had been done and are looking forward to keeping the pond and plants healthy.

Mrs Jo-Anne Hoarty, Headteacher, said:  “We’re very grateful to Mrs Thomas and Grace for all their hard work over the summer.  They’ve restored this area beautifully and left a wonderful legacy for our Horticulture students to take forward.”

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