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Students Vote In Youth Issues Ballot

voting in youth ballot

Students have been voting in Milton Keynes Youth Cabinet’s (MK YCAB) Youth Issues Ballot.  In conditions simulating a regular polling station, with polling booths and a ballot box, students had to cast their vote for the local issue that was most important to them.

They could choose from eight issues:

  • Feeling safe in MK (young people need to feel safe in all areas of MK)
  • Reduce our environmental impact (let’s do our bit for the planet and make MK a greener place)
  • Child exploitation (inform young people of how they can protect themselves and others)
  • Anti-bullying (we know bullying is still happening and it needs to stop)
  • Affordable things to do (MK has great leisure activities but needs affordable activities too)
  • First Aid (young people to be given the skills to save lives)
  • Life skills (continue work to educate young people with skills to prepare them for adulthood)
  • Personal health (help young people to be physically and mentally healthy)

The Youth Issues Ballot is taking place across Milton Keynes throughout February and the results will be announced in March.  This Year St Paul’s has 10 representatives on MK YCAB.

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