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Student Councillors Meet With MK Hospital

Student Council with MK Hospital Mental Health Services

Two representatives from St Paul’s Catholic School’s Student Council, Annie and Tom, met with Patrick Gillespie, Interim Service Director, Milton Keynes Mental Health Services at Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust, to discuss their work with Citizens:mk on mental health problems. 

The purpose of the meeting, chaired by Tom Bulman of Citizens:mk and also attended by representatives from Milton Keynes YMCA, Citizens:mk and St Frideswide’s Church, was to make connections, to discuss how mental health was perceived and impacted on people, and to see what could be done to raise understanding of this issue and take appropriate action. 

Both Annie and Tom spoke very eloquently and suggested that the St Paul’s Student Council could undertake some useful research with their diverse school community.  They hoped to be able to get advice from Milton Keynes Mental Health Services on asking the right type of questions so that the information they gathered would help them and other Citizens:mk campaigners understand how to improve mental health and wellbeing. 

Progress on this, and other priority issues, will be reported at Citizens:mk’s Delegates Assembly on 5th February.

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