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Apprenticeship beckons for Sixth Form Student

Sixth Form student heading for apprenticeship

A meeting with employers at St Paul’s annual Work Related Learning Day has resulted in Year 13 student Danil heading towards an apprenticeship with banking giant Santander.

Danil found out about Santander’s programmes when he was researching apprenticeships on Unifrog.  So, when he knew Santander were visiting St Paul’s, he decided to attend their ‘Money, Money, Money’ session and speak to their representatives.  He discovered that Santander had just one apprenticeship place left and they interviewed him on the spot and gave him a four week work placement over the summer.

During his placement Danil worked at Santander’s three head offices in Central Milton Keynes and at Shenley Wood.  He had four mentors from the apprenticeship course and worked on a range of projects including looking at real time errors on Santander’s mobile app, fraud security, creating a website page for mortgages and finding bugs on web pages.

At the end of his placement Danil had to deliver a presentation giving feedback on his mentors, summarising what he had learned and using some management tools.

On his return to school Danil received an email from Santander giving him feedback on his professionalism and how much value he had brought to the team and confirming that they welcomed him to apply for their 2019 Apprentice programme.

He said:  “I really liked the work environment at Santander, their offices and the atmosphere were both great, so I am very pleased to get this fantastic opportunity to learn with them.  My dad works in cyber security and, in the future I think that this and tackling fraud are areas I’d like to work in too.”  

Now, Danil is preparing for his A-Levels in Computer Science and Engineering and his EPQ on internet security (looking at how you are never really safe online).

Fiona Nodwell, Head of Sixth Form at St Paul’s, said:  “We are so happy that Danil’s hard work has impressed Santander and gained such positive feedback.  They have told us that if they run the same programme this year (which looks likely) they will be in touch to see if we have any Year 12 students that would be interested.

“At St Paul’s we help all students to achieve their ambitions whether that be progressing to university, aspiring to a higher level apprenticeship or building their skills to help them move confidently to higher education or the workplace.”

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