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Pupils Write to Prime Minister

Pupils with their letters to the PM

A group of Year 9 pupils wrote to the Prime Minister, Theresa May, about their lives in Milton Keynes and issues that are important to them. And the students were delighted to receive responses from 10 Downing Street and other government departments.

The pupils wrote their letters as part of their “writing to argue” study and assessment.  Miss Elysia Roach, English Teacher, said: “They wanted their assessment to be meaningful to them and therefore asked me if they could write a letter to Theresa May.”

Year 9’s letters covered a variety of topics including the lack of support for homeless people in Milton Keynes, the pressure of GCSE examinations, the voting age being lowered, mental health treatment, drug abuse and the available support, the NHS and their opinions on Brexit.

In a letter from Downing Street, sent on behalf of the Prime Minister, the pupils were thanked for their wonderful letters with their concerns about homelessness, particularly in their local community of Milton Keynes.  The letter also said that our pupils’ views were very well expressed and that their letters would be forwarded to relevant departments so that they could respond directly.

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