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Matthew Puts The Flash Into Fireworks

Fire fountain demonstration

Renowned pyrotechnician, Matthew Tosh, spent the day with students at St Paul’s to help them discover the Science behind fireworks.

Matthew, a Physics graduate, former Science teacher and TV presenter, combined a lively talk with video presentations and live demonstrations of firework effects and mini explosions.  He showed students what happens when pure oxygen is set alight, how colour is created in firework displays and how to produce a very loud bang!  Using specially created indoor fireworks Matthew also safely demonstrated a spectacular firework fountain and a ‘mine’ which shot glittering stars into the air.

Mr Sukhdev Ruprai, Science Teacher at St Paul’s, said:  “Matthew was able to take our students behind the scenes at a firework display and showed them how a range of special effects are created.  It was fascinating for them to understand the scientific background to fireworks and to realise just how much care and planning goes into creating displays.”

Matthew’s work has been seen at many firework displays, festivals and events including the recent City of Culture celebrations for Hull.  He also created the explosive volcano effects in Aardman’s latest film, Early Man.

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