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Lift Off For Students' Sculptures

Students with sculptures

Science students at St Paul’s Catholic School have created miniature sculptures, no larger than a sugar cube, which will be launched into space on board a real life NASA Black Brant IX rocket for the SuGRE-1 mission. 

The rocket, which is about 20m tall, will fly to about the height of the International Space Station, before falling back into the Pacific Ocean.  From take-off to splashdown the round trip will take about 30 minutes.

Lift off will be from Kwajalein Atoll, in the South Pacific Marshall Islands on 4th April.  During the flight the sculptures will be filmed as they experience micro gravity for around five minutes.  Once the rocket is recovered from the Pacific Ocean the sculptures, along with a video of them, will be returned to school.

Mr Ruprai, Science Teacher at St Paul’s, said:  “Our students have been excited to be involved in this fascinating micro gravity and 3D-imaging experiment. Their sculptures have now been sent to Dynamic Imaging Analytics Limited at Bletchley Park Science & Innovation Centre and will then travel to the USA where they will be fitted into the rocket and then go onwards to the Pacific Marshall Islands.”

The students’ sculptures included a rocket, cat designs and a tiny cube engraved with the names of a student’s family members.


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