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CAFOD World Gifts For Advent

CAFOD World Gifts

Each year for St Paul’s Catholic School’s Advent Project we support CAFOD (Catholic Agency for Overseas Development) using their World Gifts - a range of virtual charity gifts that will delight the people that receive them by making a life-changing difference to them. Every Year Group is fundraising for a specific World Gift that will help poor communities and families in developing countries. 

All of the World Gifts support a real example of CAFOD's work.  For example, when we buy chickens, we support CAFOD’s work with poor farmers in rural areas of developing countries by contributing to their Livestock, Agriculture and Livelihoods fund.  This gives CAFOD flexibility to respond in the best way possible to the individual needs of the different communities the charity works with all over the world. 

The gifts that our Year Groups are fundraising for are: 

Year 7- Pigs that provide

7ear 8 - Marvellous moo cow and The net that protects

Year 9 - Water testing kit and Water for a Family

Year 10 - Fabulous football and The goat that gives

Year 11 - Trees for life and Build a greenhouse

Year 12 - A meal for someone in Poverty and Teach someone to read

Year 13 - Solar lamps 

You can find out more about the difference that CAFOD’s World Gifts make here 

We thank all our pupils for their continuing fundraising efforts and you for your generous support.

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