All staff and pupils of St Paul's are encouraged to fulfil their ministry and use their talents to the full so that they can bring Christ to each other and to the wider community of the school. Extra-Curricular activities are about “fun, friendship and futures for all” and we can see a clear link in increased academic performance from pupils who more regularly attend Extra-Curricular activities.

Pupil testimonials:

  •    “It gets you into good habits for older years.”

  •    “You and your friend can have fun and it will improve your grades.”

  •    “If there is nothing to do at home, why not try developing other skills? The best way to find others and make friends is by doing fun things in clubs with people who like doing what you like too."

  •    “It's fun. It's fair. It's fabulous.”

Curriculum enhancement clubs:

Where an extra-curricular activity directly contributes to the core curriculum, this is called “curriculum enhancement”. This might be for pupils on a specific course, subject area or year group. 

Curriculum enrichment clubs:

Where a member of staff shares a passion, hobby or interest and provides an opportunity to enrich pupils learning which is not directly linked to the core curriculum, this is called “curriculum enrichment”.

Details of clubs running during Pentecost Term can be found here.

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If you have queries about a specific activity please contact the named member of staff. If you have any ideas, feedback, or suggestions for an extra-curricular club, please contact assistant headteacher Greg Maw (gregory.maw@st-pauls.org.uk).

External clubs and activities:

Milton Keynes City Council and other community organisations offer a range of clubs, activities and events for young people and families. Please check this page regularly for updated activities.

Music Clubs:

MK Rock School, brought to you by MK Music Hub is for young people who sing, play guitar, bass or drums and want to improve as a musician, play in a band and play live in great venues. Find out more here.

Milton Keynes Music Centre offers music classes and groups for children and adults in MK. The activities are suitable from complete beginners to established musicians and take place on Saturday mornings or weekday evenings. Find out more here.

Conniburrow Youth Cafe

Great Linford Parish Council is working in partnership with Pulse Youth to run the Conniburrow Youth Café. The sessions run during term time at the Conniburrow Community Centre on Fridays from 18:30 until 20:30.

They have a selection of activities including board games, Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, arts & crafts, table tennis, table football, outdoor sports and more. The sessions are free with the age range from 11 – 17. They also offer free snacks, a reading/quiet zone, homework help, and signposting if any support is required. The Community Centre is at Conniburrow Boulevard MK14 7DX.

Woughton Community Council

Woughton Community Council has a range of community activities for local residents, families and young people. All of the events and projects are free of charge. You can find out more on their website here.

Outdoor education:

St Paul’s also offers a number of opportunities for pupils to enrich their learning experience through outdoor education.  You can find out more here.


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