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Our experienced and knowledgeable IT team look after over 1800 students and almost 300 staff at St Paul’s, in addition to supporting IT provision for external schools in Milton Keynes. They ensure that all devices, systems and software are functioning properly and address any technical issues that may arise.

Working in the education sector, we are fully aware of how important exceptional IT provision is in supporting teaching and learning and in helping to minimise disruptions to the everyday functioning of schools.

We have a wide industry knowledge of IT service provision and pride ourselves on the quality of our service.  Our specialist knowledge in education enhances the service we are able to offer and provides flexibility in a changing curriculum.

Our Services

  • IT / ICT Support - Management and maintenance of school networks, computer systems and all IT devices on site.  Provision of a central portal for fault logging, tracking and management.
  • Software Support - Microsoft Licensing management, Antivirus provisioning, SIMS support (3rd Party) and general software troubleshooting.
  • User account provisioning – Provision of new user accounts, e-mail addresses and setup printer access.
  • Remote Support – Remote access to files and network to support schools in the event of an emerging need.
  • AV Support - Initial diagnosis for AV problems and repair where possible.  Notification when the need to escalate the situation to external contractors is identified. 
  • Security – Advising schools of suitable Internet Security and Web Filtering solutions.
  • Backups – Supporting schools to seek, as needed, backups and file restoration.
  • Consultancy:

      Server upgrades
      Network infrastructure
      Wireless systems
      Learning Platforms
      Phone systems
      Print Solutions
      IT systems license compliance
      Cloud services
      Best value and procurement
      Cyber Security
      DFE & NCSC guidance

  • Equipment – sourcing of new devices, hardware and software
  • Learning platform management

Contact Us

If you’d like to find out more about the IT services we can offer you please contact our IT Manager here or call 01908 669735.

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