St Paul's Ethos

St. Paul's is a community that has Christ as its foundation.  We believe that it should be possible to meet Christ in all aspects of the life of the school and this underpins all of our work.

As a worshipping community, St. Paul's lives its mission through its witness, care and expectation of excellence.  All members are valued and encouraged to grow together.  Love of God and the example of Christ are at the forefront of our policies and practice.

St. Paul's is a community of opportunities where staff and pupils are supported to use their talents and gifts and encouraged to develop new ones.

At the heart of everything we do is our shared belief that each individual is a unique person, created in the image of God and we have a duty and a calling to enable each other to recognise that, "The Glory of God is each person fully alive".

Our work at St. Paul's is shaped and guided by A Vision for St. Paul's and our Mission Statement.  The code of conduct provides a clear outline of the standards of behaviour expected of the members of our school.  See also how British Values are promoted through our school ethos. You can see examples of how St Paul's meets the criteria for British Values here.



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