Specialist Status

St Paul's has Specialist status as both a Science College and a Language College reflecting the experience of our facilities and teaching, as well as our commitment to the development of these subjects and their skills at each key stage.

St Paul's Specialist Science College and Language College aims to develop the potential of every pupil, so that they are able to become fulfilled and responsible citizens, ready to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Science College

We became a Specialist Science College in July 2003. This specialist status has enabled us to develop new and exciting teaching and learning approaches in science and maths.  It has also enabled us to provide further opportunities for pupils to have a better experience of each subject in the form of educational trips and visits, guest speakers in lessons and a variety of other enrichment opportunities.

Each year we run a Science Technician Access Course aimed at those interested in training to become a Science Technician in a secondary school.

We run regular Public Understanding of Science Lectures which are free for the public to attend and feature a range of guest speakers.  

Language College

In September 2008 we became a Specialist Language College. This specialist status enables us to enhance the experience of language learning at St Paul's.  This can take the form of educational trips and visits, guest speakers and the chance to hold a nationally recognised qualification by becoming a foreign language leader.

We can also consolidate our links and support with other schools in Milton Keynes, as well as supporting the implementation of the KS2 languages strategy in primary schools.

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