Examination Results

One of the early church fathers said:  "The glory of god is each person fully alive".  The curriculum at St. Paul's encourages excellence and achievements by all pupils.

St Paul's is very proud of the achievement of all the pupils in our care.  Our examination results indicate our shared commitment to "Do the best that is possible."

Please click on the link below to see our examination results:

Examination Results Booklet Summer 2023

Examination Results Booklet Summer 2022

Public Examination Results Summary Summer 2022

Examination Results Booklet Summer 2019

Public Examination Results Summary Summer 2019

To see the DfE School Performance tables click here.

Examination Dates

For information on exam dates please click here.

Collecting Exam Certificates From Summer 2023

Examination Certificates are available to collect from Reception.  If you are no longer a pupil at the school please ensure you bring in photo ID (driving Licence or Passport) to enable us to complete identification before we are able to release the certificates.  If you are unable to collect and wish to nominate someone, please email enquiries@st-pauls.org.uk to say that you consent for the named person to collect on your behalf, they are also required to bring in photo ID, we are unable to release the certificates without this.  We regret that we are unable to post or email results to you.

Collection of Examination Certificates

If students require their certificates for a particular purpose/proof etc, please contact the exams officers on examofficer@st-pauls.org.uk 

Lost Exam Certificates

If you have lost your exam certificates the school will not be able to get replacements for you.  To find out what you need to do and who you need to contact please click on this link.

Unclaimed Exam Certificates

The awarding bodies have agreed a standard procedure for dealing with unclaimed examination certificates.  We only hold certificates for a 12 month period then they will be destroyed as per General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).








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