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Sixth Formers Learn Lessons From Auschwitz

Lessons from Auschwitz students

Two of our Sixth Form History students, Nicoletta Gray and Joshua Evans, have participated in  the Holocaust Education Trust’s ‘Lessons From Auschwitz’ project and are now spreading the word about what they have learned from their experience. 

The project comprised four parts—the first was an orientation meeting to get to know more about the project and to meet with a Holocaust survivor. 

The students then went on a one day visit to Oświęcim, the Polish town where Auschwitz is located. After tours of Auschwitz 1 and Birkenau the day culminated in a memorable ceremony held next to the destroyed crematoria at Birkenau. The ceremony included readings, a moment of reflection and ended with all participants lighting memorial candles. 

There was also a follow up seminar and the fourth part of the project required participants to disseminate what they have learned to their peers and the wider community. Nicoletta and Josh decided to write an article exploring what the Holocaust has taught us and how we can join together to prevent discrimination.   

Speaking about their experience, Nicoletta said: “We’re both passionate about History so taking part in this project was a great way to express our love for the subject and to pay our respects too.  It’s helped us to ask new questions and we need to remember that everyone involved was an individual and that this was a man-made disaster.”  

Joshua added:  “Lessons from Auschwitz gave us a deeper understanding of the Holocaust and the whole experience has made us think about today’s society, how you treat other people and what you can do to make things better.”

You can read Nicoletta and Joshua's article 'Is the Holocaust still relevant?' here.

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