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Public Understanding of Science Lecture

22nd March 2018 from 7.30pm

Maureen Grant Room

Science and Religion - Has Science Buried God?

A lecture by Professor Keith R Fox, Associate Director - Faraday Institute, St Edmund's College, Cambridge.

As science reveals more about the universe and our place in the biological world, is there any room for belief in God? A common narrative is that science and faith are incompatible and that they must always be in conflict. But are scientific discoveries a challenge to faith? Is there an inevitable conflict between science and faith or are these complementary ways of looking at the world? Throughout history many pioneering scientists, including Boyle, Kepler, Faraday and Maxwell have seen science as revealing the way that God works in the world - thinking God's thoughts after him. These people expected law in nature because they believed in a lawgiver. We will see that understanding how the world works is not a valid argument for rejecting the concept of a divine creator.

Please note that there is dedicated parking for this event in the K Block car park (off Phoenix Drive).

You can see a poster here.



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