Pastoral Care

Care of pupils is central to the work that we do at St. Paul's because, if pupils feel supported and safe, then they succeed.

Every pupil joining St Paul's becomes part of a tutor group.  The form tutor will have an overview of the pupils' general and academic progress through the school.  Each year group is led by a Year Leader supported by a Pastoral/Chaplaincy Assistant.

We believe that the relationships which develop through the Pastoral Care system are vital to the happiness, security and personal development of each individual.

We hope that each pupil feels that they have a fundamental role to play in ensuring that their tutor group and year group makes a positive and effective contribution to the life of St Paul's and that they will adopt a sense of pride in the overall success of each activity which the group undertakes both socially and academically. 

Diocese of Northampton - Year of Prayer and Vocation 2017/18

Bishop Peter has called us all to share a Year of Prayer and Vocation from the First Sunday of Advent 2017. It is an opportunity for us to deepen our prayer life and reflect on how each one of us is invited to respond to our baptismal vocation in our daily life. You can read Bishop Peter's letter on Christian Unity here. To see the schools' prayer for May please click here and to see a personal prayer sheet for May please click here.

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