Exam Results Days 2016

Exam results can be collected from the school at these times:

GCE Results:

If you weren’t able to collect your GCE results on 18th August our school reception will be open on Thursday 25th August from 8am.  If our reception is closed when you call in please ring 07712 886303 for help.

If you would like your results posted out you will need to send an email from your school account (we need to be able to verify that it is actually you) requesting them to FinanceDepartment@st-pauls.org.uk

GCSE Results - Thursday 25th August:

Year 11 (GCSE) from 9.30am

Year 12/13 (GCSE Maths) from 10am in library

Additional support and advice from staff will be available in the library on GCSE results day.

External students who are hoping to join the sixth form should come to the school library between 10.30am - 11.30am on Friday 26th August to confirm entry requirements.

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